Youth Foundation for Development, Education & Leadership (Youthhubafrica) is a networked community and a platform for young people in Africa involved in social change to interact, learn and collaborate in new, creative and easy ways. In 2011, Youthhubafrica started as a blog profiling opportunities for young Africans including scholarships, conferences, workshops, news items, articles and events that can contribute to youth development. Over the last five years, the blog has grown to become one of the largest youth development platform on the African continent reaching directly over 101,000 young Africans who have signed up on, and interact with our social media channels.
With a Mission to equip and celebrate new generation of African thinkers, leaders and innovators, Youthhubafrica has grown into a frontline youth advocacy and policy-oriented organization based in Abuja, Nigeria, but programming into Africa and beyond.
Our work has been focused on:
Leading advocacy, awareness, and communications around the Sustainable Development Goals amongst young people in Africa

Providing platforms for learning

Providing linkages for youth leaders in Africa

Connecting youths in Africa to resources and opportunities

Profiling young people in Africa involved in social change on the African Continent

Championing Girls education in Africa

Providing ICT skills for young people across Africa

Policy advisory for governments on key youth priority areas

Organizational support for youth-focused organizations in Africa

Youthhubafrica volunteers will have the opportunity to work and be part of the Youthhubafrica team and will be able to make meaningful contributions to our programs and activities which includes Girls Education, Accountability, support for Youth Organizations, SRH/GBV, Youthhubafrica TV, Youth, and SDGs.
Volunteers will also be able to develop skills while also adding critical knowledge needed for personal and career development.
To be part of the Youthhubafrica volunteer, kindly click on the link here to complete the form.


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