APPLY: IDEX Global Fellowship Program (January ’17 Cohort)

Applications for the January ’17 Fellowship cohort is now open! IDEX is a six month fellowship experience designed for aspiring social intrapreneurs who want to take control of their career path while helping to address society’s most pressing problems
1:1 coaching
Monthly mentoring workshops

Curated readings

Professional development challenges and

Relationship building with likeminded professionals that will last a lifetime


Candidates must possess the following minimum qualifications to be eligible for the IDEX Fellowship:
Have a Bachelor, Masters or Graduate Degree (in any field) prior start of Program
Ability to perform in a high pressure environment

Be proficient in English (both written and spoken)

Can obtain an India Business visa for minimum of six months

Have a minimum of 1 to 3 years of professional work experience

Have excellent listening and communication skills (written and verbal)

DEADLINE: October 1 2016

To apply and for more information click here


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