With all elections finally concluded, dusted and settled, i urge all Nigerians to look forward to a better country with our new set of leaders in the new dispensation to come. I urge us all to support our new leaders in the quest for true nation building. 
To all those that lost the election, whether individuals or collective people, we must put the past behind us, forgive eachother, and flair our tempers down against eachother. We must accord all due respect to Gen.Buhari as our incoming President and symbol of authority of our land. Furthermore, all necessary support to succeed must be giving to him. 
We ernestly urge incoming President Buhari to carry every region, every ethnic group, every religion along in the business of governance as any deliberate attempt to undermine any of the above mentioned will be resisted by every legitimate means available to the Nigerian populace. 
To the opposition party, we need you more than we need the ruling party right now. To watch them, to make constructive criticisms and to check any excesses from them. It is my strongest conviction that our great country will soar higher in the years to come. As none of us is greater than all of us. 


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