This is what some Corpers say about me when they saw me today in Zurmi

CLO Dauda said:
“Ismail Bello, one of the finest quitessential Corper Zurmi was blessed with..I never met u but today i do and i have felt your presence..Your work spoke volume of you..Because of you,it was fun talking abt the 2013 Batch A we never met..”

ACLO Muyiddeen said:
“Posterity speaks alot..And it has spoken on you..So disappointing that i never met your batch, but you were a true leader indeed..One out of many..A community-friendly man..The people’s man..Unfortunately,i can’t say so for some people..RESPECT BROTHER! May God keep you for Nigeria”

PAPA Chris
“A very nice young lad….. You were not the CLO but believe me your achievements surpass that of many and you have written your name in Gold here in Zurmi….So happy to have met you today.

Corper H H Lapai said:
” I use to here the Principal of GGDSS always making reference to you when it comes to hard work, commitment and dedication. She told us that your projects benefited the school immensely and that you are the best Corper to have served that school.”

Corper Grace:
” The LGI told us in front of everyone that we should emulate you, some of your colleagues from katsina will be in Gurbin Bore while you decide to stay in Zurmi, help the children, the community and the Corpers in terms of community development.

Corper Samuel:
” I heard from GASS Principal that you created an MDG’s club for the and for your school, not only that you also went to Dauran and Moriki and did the same. Indeed brother, you are truly the Corper that served.

Corper Yakubu:
“this is Ismail bello, the katsina man, we heard from others that you carry all Corpers on a journey to your state of katsina. This community will never forget you and they will always cherished you. Glad to see you today brother.

And lastly I told them:
” You can always be remembered by what you have done “.


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